NJ Zinc Co Palmer Plant historic site

  1. The intent is to inform the public that this historic site is to be leveled
  2. Show an alternative (work to make it state & national historic site)
  3. To give the council a true “alternative” than just going with the flow
  4. It is a golden opportunity for the town to make something of itself—a true model mining town of the East, a place where immigrants came with hope and built new lives for themselves and their families, strengthened America, and made New Jersey a great state through the natural resources usage and work & homes for the influx of the poor who made something of themselves, and home of the New Jersey State Mineral: Franklinite.
Core team on this, experts, area elders, planners, and interested parties are:
  • Dr. Bill Truran
  • Dr. Earl Verbeek
  • Tom Jones, Historic Preservation Planner
  • Judy Williams, President of Franklin Historical Society
  • John Sowden, Franklin lifetime resident and Mayor
  • Others are expected to join