NJ Zinc Co Palmer Plant historic site

The intent is to inform the public that this historic site is to be leveled Show an alternative (work to make it state & national historic site) To give the council a true “alternative” than just going with the flow It is a golden opportunity for the town to make something of itself—a true model […]

Portraits in Character

Full List of Portraits in Character Learning from the Past Portraits in Character My Inspiring Grampop A Personal Inspiration A Best Teacher A Best Coach Legacy of a Sports Star A War Hero A Model Miner A Benefactor in Life and After A Larger Picture Thomas Edison Babe Ruth George Washington Benjamin Franklin Nathan Hale […]

Bells of Franklin

Creating an ecumenical Christmastime collection for the needy of the Franklin area.

Sussex County History Today: Declaration of Independence

Bill Truran author

A bright day in the year for all of us is the Fourth of July. Fireworks, parades, picnics, family and friends! But all this joyousness we have today came at a price. In the past, those people who have been coined our Founding Fathers and Mothers took great risk. A risk of losing their livelihood, […]

Sussex County Historical Marker Program

Sussex County Historical Marker Program

Sussex County History Today By Bill Truran, Sussex County Historian. Sussex County Historical Marker Program One of the most important, and exciting, parts of being the Sussex County Historian is the opportunity to review and award historical markers for sites which are of significant value to our county. The Historical Marker program for this year […]

Rails to Trails Project

The Iron Horse Trail Management Plan Recycling Railroads in Sussex and Warren Counties Borough of Franklin Rails to Trails Green Acres Walkill Valley Management Plan Bringing to life the Iron Horse Trail and the Wallkill Valley Trail. See: https://www.sussex.nj.us/cn/webpage.cfm?tpid=18489

Franklinite for New Jersey State Mineral Project

FS16 Franklinite: New Jersey State Mineral Story Supporting the proposition in the NJ Senate and the NJ Assembly Encouraging the youth and citizens to write letters. See: Students support  https://www.spartaindependent.com/home/4th-graders-support-franklinite-as-state-mineral-ME2372196 WRNJ.  https://wrnjradio.com/senate-passes-bill-to-make-franklinite-the-official-state-mineral/  Positively NJ. https://newjersey.news12.com/positively-nj-the-push-to-name-franklinite-as-the-official-mineral-of-new-jersey  Franklin: The Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World

Revolutionary War 250 Project

Celebrating the rich history, a quarter millennium on, of the American nation—the forming of the United States.  “Pathways of the Revolution: The Contribution of Sussex County” See: https://www.sussex.nj.us/cn/webpage.cfm?tpid=18413