American Decision: Mohawk on the Delaware

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NJ Zinc Co Palmer Plant historic site

The intent is to inform the public that this historic site is to be leveled Show an alternative (work to make it state & national historic site) To give the council a true “alternative” than just going with the flow It is a golden opportunity for the town to make something of itself—a true model […]

Bells of Franklin

Creating an ecumenical Christmastime collection for the needy of the Franklin area.

Sussex County History Today: Declaration of Independence

Bill Truran author

A bright day in the year for all of us is the Fourth of July. Fireworks, parades, picnics, family and friends! But all this joyousness we have today came at a price. In the past, those people who have been coined our Founding Fathers and Mothers took great risk. A risk of losing their livelihood, […]