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I have had a good life. So much has been given to me: family, friends, a home with the necessities and the niceties that society has to offer.

I live in the greatest place in the world. During my days, I have learned a lot and experienced much. My journey has provided me with many wonders.

Over the years, I have attempted to keep track of what goes on, trying to make sense of all that happens. Even as a young teen, I would collect items from the ancient incinerator dump in town. I’ve gathered old farming instruments that were left for a century in a fallow field and forgotten by time.  I’ve picked up stones from along the roadway (really, not an uncommon endeavor in our town with the rarest of minerals in the world).

I’ve held on to the stories of old-timers who’ve traveled by train to school on tracks that no longer exist. I’ve portrayed what took place on farmland grass where a First World War Jenny biplane may have barnstormed for eager townspeople but is a place now cornered by shopping malls and blacktop. I have described artistry that captured the essence of life in times long ago. These stories I have put into books for those young ones who are just now rubbing their eyes, curious to see the world that surrounds them and wonder from where it all came.

Currently, I am providing a “library” of books, stories, and images to be used as a resource for those taking interest in our heritage. Perhaps you are one who is like-minded. Welcome!


Bill's Books

History includes what has taken place and what is remembered. Bill Truran historian and author, has written several books have taken an in-depth look into some places, people, and times. You can find all of these books on our Books page of the website.

images of america franklin hamburg ogdensburg hardyston william truran author

Franklin, Hamburg, Ogdensburg, and Hardyston

images of america sussex wantage william truran author

Sussex and Wantage

Country Lanes: Portrait of a Century Past

mining for America Franklin Sterling Hill NJ Mine William Truran Author

Mining For America: The Franklin-Sterling Hill NJ Zinc Mines

Sparta NJ Head of the Wallkill William Truran Author

Sparta, NJ: Head of the Wallkill

American Decision Series: Honest Ogden

American Decision Series: Honest Ogden


American Decision Series: Honest Ogden

Judge Robert Ogden II was a proud and respected man. He came from a noted family line and founders of Elizabethtown, New Jersey, not far from the waters separating the colony from Manhattan and Staten Island.

American Decision Series: Honest Ogden
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