Welcome to my home on the web.

I have had a good life. So much has been given to me: family, friends, a home with the necessities and the niceties that society has to offer. I live in the greatest place in the world. During my days I have learned a lot. Through the years I have experienced much. My journey has provided me with many wonders.

Over the years I have attempted to keep track of what goes on, trying to make sense of all that happens. Even as a young teen I would collect items from the ancient incinerator dump in town. I have gathered old farming instruments that were left for a century in a fallow field.¬† I’ve picked up stones from along the roadway (really, not an uncommon endeavor in our town with the rarest of minerals in the world).

I’ve held on to the stories of old-timers who’ve traveled by train to school on tracks that no longer exist, portrayed what had taken place on farmland where a Jenny biplane may have barnstormed but is now shopping malls. area, I have described¬†artistry that had captured the essence of times long ago. These stories I have put into books for those who young ones just rubbing their eyes to see the world.

Currently, I am providing a “library” of books, stories, and images to be used as a resource for those interest in our heritage. Welcome to my site!

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