Adventures in Life

History includes what has taken place and what is remembered. Bill Truran historian and author, has written several books have taken an in-depth look into some places, people, and times. Those books are included under the Home Page of this site (5 books) and also under the New! tab (3 new books).  Included below are the following “Adventures in Life” under the following categories:

Rural America: Our Endless Spirit of Independenc & Determination

Franklin: Model Mining Town of the East contains a look into Franklin, NJ, which has a unique and colorful history, is recognized as the Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World, and is my hometown.

Adventures of Carol. Bill Truran historian and author, is working on a series of stories about Carol. She is a beautiful blonde who is a successful model and sports enthusiast and lives the jet-set life with high society, endorsing products, skiing Stowe, scuba diving the South Pacific and… risking it all as a female James Bond in the role of a top secret agent for the USA.

Short Stories

Here are some stories that a reader mind find of interest:

  1. QUEEN OF THE TROTTERS (Goldsmith Maid & our own Dan Patch)


  3. CIVIL WAR TIMES and the local sacrifice at the Battle of Salem Church

  4. INDIAN LORE and crossing the Wallkill River

  5. Palmer

Commodore & Mucker
The Commodore & the Mucker. The story of Edgar and ‘Arty

The Commodore and the Mucker-a work-in-process into a couple important people in the 20th Century

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