About the Author

Bill Truran

Author Bill Truran has taken a keen interest in learning about the past to finding ways to convey what has gone before us to new generations.

Bill began by capturing the images and facts of the great mining operations that took place in his hometown of Franklin, New Jersey.  This largely immigrant community has been known as The Model Mining Town of the East and is also widely known as the Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World. Bill has likewise documented the history and facts of nearby locals including Sparta, Hamburg, Hardyston, Ogdensburg, Sussex, and Wantage. This task consisted of sweeping up the obvious pieces of history that lay before him.

When actively looking to what has brought us to where we are, we many times stumble across surprising ideas and concepts. One significant figure who grew out of interviews and research on the above books was the colorful and prolific artist Louie Larsen, whose entire known works were cataloged and documented in his Country Lanes: Portrait of an Artist Louis Larsen. This beloved effort was the result of finding the pieces of history that were hidden from view, but there nonetheless. A little effort put forth to gather the parts helped make a whole picture of the painter.

Currently, Bill has understood that our area has been affected over the long period of time by great people who subtly have rendered an impact. Much of their influence needs to be coaxed from the nooks and corners of the relics of the past. Gluing it together necessitates artistic license and fictionalizing the plot, much like the grout upon which tiles create a mosaic. By doing so, we can discover a full story, major themes that affect the life of anyone, Everyman, if you will. These are stories of the human experience. Bill is rolling out the Trilogy of Freedom, and this includes three great local Revolutionary War significant figures: Lewis Morris who signed the Declaration Independence, Colonel John Seward who served as a military officer in the Battle of the Minisink whose offspring guided the nation alongside Abraham Lincoln, and Judge Robert Ogden whose leadership and moniker “Honest Lawyer” were tested by lawbreakers. Bill’s effort consists of creating the story from scarce evidence and interpreting the whole to the nature of man.

Bill Truran has a lifelong interest in history and its impact. He has a Creative Writing Certificate from U Cal Berkeley and additional coursework at Stanford University. He has another life at work in engineering and academics, including several masters degrees and a Ph.D.


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